Wednesday, 20 April 2016 16:24

Hospitality in the Digital Age

Written by Louw van Riet

The hospitality industry has been at the forefront of the digital revolution the past few years. Companies like Airbnb, Uber and websites like Tripadvisor have in many ways rocked the established industry and created brand new ones. Many companies were forced to invest aggressively in developing new models and focusing on mobile and last minute bookings.

Properties that fail to adapt to the changing times can see their normal way of doing business being threatened. There is however no need to be discouraged by the changing landscape but instead embrace the change and integrate it fully into your service offerings.

There is an opportunity to better engage with clients by making sure your website and booking system is user-friendly and mobile responsive. In America alone the percentage of users doing digital bookings on their mobiles, grew from 43% in 2014 to 51% in 2015. One simply cannot ignore the need to better optimize your website for mobile, otherwise prospecting customers will find easier paths to make their bookings.

Mobile optimizing is more than just about making sure a website looks good on a smaller screen. The latest research suggest that:

• 47% of consumers expects a website to load in 2 seconds or less, while
• 40% will abandon a site completely if it takes more than 3 seconds.
• A 1 second delay in page response time can result in an 8% decrease in sales conversion.
• 64% believe thy pay less by booking directly through a brand site

Make sure your website and systems are optimized for the digital age. You can test your site speed using a great online tool:

Or contact us today to analyze your current website and online bookings system.


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