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Technology Trends To Watch in the Hospitality Industry.

Written by Louw van Riet

Technology spending is increasingly becoming a bigger part of the budget of hotels and guesthouses. It is therefor interesting to note the key trends that are arising from the 2016 Lodging Technology Study and it comes as no surprise that mobile comes in at the top of this list of trends.

We’ve highlighted in the past the importance of being mobile ready and mobile still dominates the list of new technology rollouts, from mobile booking apps to mobile keys. Everyone wants in on the technology game or risk being left behind.

“Indeed — from mobile bookings, to check-in options, to room access — mobile dominates the list of top new technology rollouts in 2016. Hotel-branded customer mobile apps are poised for ubiquity, with 84% of operators planning to have the technology within the next 18 months. In the same time frame, about one quarter of hotels plan to deploy mobile keys.”

Data and especially location based data is next on the list of trends to watch:

“According to HT research, 30% of hotels plan to roll out location-based technology in 2016. Using mobile data together with reservation information from the PMS has helped Fontainebleau Miami ( upsell guests through pre-arrival and checkout offers, enabling the resort to optimize room revenue by inviting guests to arrive early or stay late for an additional fee.”

Guestroom tech is now becoming a necessity rather than a nice to have. The connected traveller needs to be able to access room devices on the go and demand access to high speed Internet. Gone are the days of just offering Wi-Fi, that is now a given, the speed of the Wi-Fi is now of utmost importance for guest satisfaction.

“Hoteliers are also investing in delivery platforms to elevate the in-room experience and catch up to what guests have at home.”

For the full list and hospitality technology article please click here.

It is indeed an interesting time we live in with change happening at a sometimes frightening pace. Yet there is opportunity in change. Time will tell who will be able to respond and adapt in time.

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