Thursday, 23 June 2016 06:57

Motination: Training future Hoteliers

Written by Gallo Shanker

Since being involved in the Hospitality industry from 1998, I have had the privilege to work and be upskilled by many hotel professionals, some acting as mentor to me.

In March of 2016, through the learnings I have gained, my vision of working in an environment where the main focus is on training and development, was fulfilled. I joined Maze Consulting, a business owned by one of the influential people in my life, Melanie van Wyk. We were, as we both believed, destined to work together again, after a departure from one another in 2009.

My passion was always to give back somehow to the rest of the community, those interested in making an impact and difference in their lives and more importantly, the lives of others.  With this in mind I envisioned a training and development centre and program where we can educate those in need.

We have now reached this goal, together with another fantastic partner where development is key, the Amy Biehl Foundation.

Let me take the opportunity to introduce our first two students Kouthar Ismail (left) and Liyabona Plaatjie (right) who shall be spending time with us to develop on their own knowledge and skill in hospitality and eventually as our ultimate goal ensure they are both placed at a hotel where they can show off their skill and talent ,ensuring a better future for themselves.


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