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People Power

Written by Gallo Shanker

In my last article “Be the People’s GM” I spoke of Leadership and the impact it has on it’s People.

I wish to add the following:

Always Adopt A Positive Attitude

Despite the challenges businesses face in the economy, a good leader has to ensure you can grow and maintain a good business during these times.  You have to ensure you have a sound business plan and that you share this with your employees in order for them to believe and move alongside you in achieving your business goal. Your postive energy will have a positive impact to your team and the people surrounding you.

Reward Your Employees

Reward does not necessarily have to be in the form of money.  Employees can be rewarded by given time off in lieu. Recognition to your staff for their efforts ensures they feel special and ensures a feeling of belonging. Always praise your staff in public and criticise in private. A ‘THANK YOU’ goes a long way.

Empower Your Staff To Satisfy Your Customers

Your employees should be able to satisfy your customers and should be able to ensure they have support of their superior should they require assistance.

Be Open To Feedback

Regular meetings with your staff about your business is always good and ensures success.  Always get the buy in from the staff regarding ways to improve the business. 

Develop Your Employees By Encouraging Cross Training

Upskilling your employees by developing them in other areas shows that you are interested and makes them feel valued.

Remember that everybody likes a pat on the back- even YOU!

galloGallo is a consummate professional hotelier with many years of experience in the Luxury Hospitality Industry. He has a sincere passion for standards and excellence. His portfolio includes the likes of: The Victoria & Alfred, Spier Wine Farm, The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa, Hotel Lé Vendome and the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel. (For his full bio, click here)

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