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Welcome To The Maze Consulting Team

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On behalf of Maze Consulting's staff and workers, we would like to welcome Bonita & Nicole, our newest additions to the team. We are sending you our warmest welcome. All of us here in the office are truly amazed with your talents, abilities and knowledge. Welcome to our team.

Bonita Williams – General Assistant

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“My name is Bonita Williams. In my community most know me as Bonnie, a very caring person who helps others, especially the elderly where there is no one that can assist them. For example. doing their shopping or cutting their nails. I am always putting their needs first. That’s the type of person I am and with Maze in my small way I can get involved in hospitality that is all I ever wanted to do. In my community, I would always help people with small parties and catering on a small level. So, with Maze I can see and experience things on a bigger scale and grow. After all, learning is all I ever wanted to do”

Nicole Scholtz – Personal Assistant

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 “I am Nicole Scholtz. I walk in a space of sheer gratitude! I’m so grateful to have been blessed with an amazing family and the opportunity to do life with them. For long I’ve prayed for a son and four years ago my prayers were answered. I’m a real family girl and have deep love for people and make it my mission in life to help and serve others especially the needy and those who find themselves lost in this world. I also believe time is precious whether it be at work or time spent with family. My motto in life: “ work for a cause not an applause” I chose to be of service at Maze Consulting as I would be doing what I love; delivering a service, interacting with people and at the same time expand my knowledge in the hospitality industry. I am beyond excited to learn and grow with Maze as they have over 20 years’ experience in this field.”

Gallo Shanker – COO

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“We are delighted to have two amazing humanitarians on our Team. This can only strengthen the core of our business and our focus; this to develop People”
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